Expert software development

Once upon a time,
users cried-out for solutions...


CTO consulting

Targeted leadership to assemble and direct development teams.

Advanced .NET

Whether you've just scratched the surface or tied yourself in knots, get the full power and clarity that .NET offers.

App & web development

We use React. You should, too.

Ask us how.

Game development

Game architecture and development for any console or platform, built with the best game engine for your use-case.


Identity server Framework

Integrate .NET IdentityServer seamlessly into your product ecosystem. Deployment consultation is also available.

Progressive Web App Framework

Upgrade your browser-based app to a near-native experience without the need for a native codebase.

the team

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Nick Prince


Nick has managed multi-million-dollar software projects for military, healthcare, manufacturing, and finance. He quickly identifies pragmatic solutions and empowers a team to take action. 

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Milan Milanovic


Milan is always building something. Name any trending technology and he's probably played with it, if not used it in production. Look to him for expert recommendations on a vast array of solutions.

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Matt Sim


Matt designs information. If it looks complicated, he wants to sink his teeth into it. Part UX designer, part coder, Matt specializes in visual communication, domain-specific UIs, and diagrammatology.


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